Interdisciplinary/Interdepartmental Connections

(Call for Proposals)

The 2019 annual CPTSC conference will be held from October 10-12 at West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania. This conference will explore multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and interdisciplinary collaborations. We invite proposals for presentations that examine such collaborations and their implications for our efforts in program development, research, and teaching.

Program Chairs and Local Host Team:

  • Program co-Chairs:
    Lora Arduser, University of Cincinnati
    Tammy Rice-Bailey, Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Local Host Chair: Ashley Patriarca, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

CPTSC’s annual conference is different from other conferences in the field since it emphasizes discussion. Presenters are limited to talks from 5-7 minutes to encourage in-depth discussions with participants around topics of interest to administrators and faculty who work in technical, professional, or scientific writing and communication programs.


Founded in 1974, the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication brings together program administrators and faculty from across the United States and increasingly from abroad. The organizational goals are to

  • promote programs in technical, professional,  and scientific communication
  • promote research in technical, professional,  and scientific communication
  • develop opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information concerning programs, research, and career opportunities
  • assist in the development and evaluation of new programs in technical, professional,  and scientific communication, if requested
  • promote exchange of information between this organization and interested parties